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Who said we had to take life Seriously and stop playing. It is time to play!

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Time is to start playing. Inside you and I, lives a child. We are born carefree in awe of everything. We see and touch, We laugh at everything and find splendor in all. We fall and get right back up and play some more, like nothing happened.

Than we get a little older we watch our parent our friend and the world around us. We make the assumption that once we get older, life is serious. We have to work hard, while yes this is true, we have responsibilities. When we turn 18 years of age by this time we are in our party mode celerating, working. Twenties we feel like he have to have it all together. Yes we should, we should dream big. By this point we are starting to forget to play little by little. Then we get older and other things take our attention. The conversation in mind becomes “oh so much to do” “got to do this that”. “O can’t seem to get anything done,” “don’t know where the time goes.” At this point we completely forgot the timeless of life when we were playing and loving freely.

Ever go to a park and watch a child play on a swing and say to yourself “oh that was me once,” and while we watch we think oh I would love to sit on the swing, I am to old. Bull shit your to old to have fun. Have fun!

The fact of the matter is inside you and me is a beautiful place of child like innocents waiting to be play again. Desiring to feel care free again.

We have all heard the term stop and smell the roses. We what if we stopped and started to shake our ass, playing. Okay so yes I have been adulting the I have come to realize there is nothing wrong with PLAYING… I love how I free I feel.

There is great magic in playing dance and shaking your ass. The benefit of playing and laughing are great and rewarding to the mind, heart, body and emotions.

  • You get the body moving improve circulation.

  • You break the state of stuck emotions and mind chatter

  • You bring better feelings in to the body

  • You open up to inspiration and creativity. Paint, draw now write or wrong.

  • You get into a better flow state.

  • You feel great!

STOP and play. Give your self permission. Return to the heart of innocent, awe and splendor.

Let me know if you give you self permission to dance freely play. How it feels? What inspired thoughts and actions come as a result?

Give you self permission to play and celebrate life.

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