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8 Week Violet Flame Journey
Awaken Ignite Embody 

Transmute Transform Transcend Alchemize

Transmute lower vibrational frequency to higher light frequencys of light and love. Collapse healing time around drama and trauma, extracting the meaning for your  highest good. Clear and release stagnant energy in your four body systems. 

Transform your environment, anywhere you go from moment to moment is part of your environment. Your environment is your home, workspace, car, community, shoping. and most importantly your internal environment.


Transcend time and space, clear old karmic patterns affecting you in this life time, heal past self and connect to futrue self. work with in the speed of light realm


Alchemize Create from the place of expotential love, be the designer of your life and experiences. Be the life giving creator you are. reignite harness your personal power moving in to the realm of ease and grace the place of lease resistance as a result you accelrate time


This 8 week Journey is full of activations deep immersion and connection with St Germaine Violet light you will embody the violet flame and enter into a higher level of love and light being able to hold greater capacities of light and emit more light. You will become a deliberate creator of you life experiences, you will learn and aquire the tool to help you navigate through challenges with the least amount of resistants. This is the great tool.

Every 5 weeks a new registration is open. 

Journeys will be offered on a 

Monday evenings starting a 7p.m. 

Wednesday evenings 7p.m.


Sunday mornings 730a.m.

All Journeys are via Zoom

Thank you Rev. Carla

Join wait list and get intouch.

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