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Rev Carla Gitto Healer Violet Flame Educ

Aloha and Greeting, Beloved humans, beatiful Souls of Light.

Together with you I am here to shine the light, facilitate healing, while supporting you on your evolutionary heart center journey.
My Journey into the Metaphyical Art, esoteric new age healing, using Mother Earth Treasure started thirty four years ago, and is a way of life til this very day. Coming from a devoted Catholic family and later choosing to become a Born Again Christian, of which led me into the art of laying of hand, Reiki Master Teacher Practitioner, Advanced Crystal Master energy healer and more embarking on the journey of becoming and Interfaith Minister.

At first, when I started on my quest of spiritual growth there was not as much talk about laying of hands, Crystals healing, Mediums,  Phycics, Tree huging comunicator,  if you let it slip out you became an out cast very fast. So My journey was on kept the down low while the experince of be marginalized was still a painful yet beautiful experince, I knew in my heart and soul there was a deep calling over my live and the time would arise and shine, these moments where my greatest teachering, holding stead fast to the truth, Became an Ordianed InterFaith Ministe through Scantuary of Peace and Harmony Huntington N.Y.  under the Tutlige of Rev Connstance Barley and Rev. Barbara Arno
ld, as they led the organzation after Founder Katherin Barley crossed over... Just a sidenote:  This was my second attempt at Ministery School the frist time I as asked to with draw.  
It was a fight and stuggle to be me, to follow my hearts calling as so many of you we get to witness our friuts of hold steadfast as a reslut the way was paved and look at where were are today. Yeppie!!! What I / we were deem crazy for is now being embaced and taking on as a way of life.. 
Jesus as my first teacher was and is extraordinary.  On my path I have been led to the best of the best healers and teacher from around the world who took me under their wing, because spirit led them too. Again back then there were no certification everything was purly gudied.,  as time when on I decied to get my first Certification in Traditional USUI REIKI and became a Master teach Practictioner. Before that My First mentor and teacher was Sharon Turner  I was enrolled in her Awakens program in the early 90's this was purly amazing. Sharon was my first teach out side of Jesus to teach the art of laying of hands   reading, feeling sensing seeind energy. In the late 80's I heald my first crystal and could feel the energy movet thru me,  I was awaken healing gifts of crystals. I met crysal light works from all over who share thier gifts again saying you need to know this for your lifes work. "okay Spirit I am open lead the way" After about 15-20 years of working with crystals I decided to get formaly trained  to obtain the certification. Stephine Ferrera of Hibiscus Moon became my mentor, Certifited as CCH/CCP and ACM... by the time I completed my train I have been working with crystals for 34 years.  

During that same 34 years I was in the beauty industry as a NYS licsence Comsmetiologist and Educator NYC Celebrity Hair artist/stylist teaching the latest tecniques and style trends. Let me say this My first profession was my training grouds of healing chanelling and somuch more, because each client was my canvas to learn.  


A new world is being created for you,

although it is not fully structured or totally defined.

It is awaiting your creative contribution, 

for you are the author of your life. 

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