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The day life changed,discovery of my angel. I am not alone, not alone.

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

As the sun of all creations lights the path, one is never alone, it only appears to the eyes of the foolish that one is alone.

Only 17 when father died, it shook the family to the core for this was the hero, and heart of the family. Standing six foot one inch (6'1") tall he was a strong, serious and funny, the real life of the party. Everyone knew Jimmy. He never seemed to be up set. Jimmys passing was unexpectedly beautiful. Beautiful, you wonder. How could that be? Death is never easy.

Very simply put, I did not want to let Jimmy's passing close my heart, I decided to make serious choices. A life changing choice. On the day we returned home from the funeral, I announced I was leaving for Greece in twenty four hours. The room went silent my mother Silvia looked up at me and said "HA really! Wonderful have a beautiful time. Run Run away find yourself". "It will do you good".

Off I went the next day. I should express although my family was stunned by my sudden announcement, I was even more of stunned by Silvia my mother's response, who was the most neediest women I knew.

My car arrived to drive me to the airport. To my suprise a beautiful white Rolls Royce pulled up and my driver a handsome man in a tailor made suite, with a gorgouse acent, sounded like romantic music to my ears. "Good-day madam, I am here to take you to the airport my name is Willard. I am your chaufer" as he greets me with the biggest pearly white smile. He took my bags, loaded them into th trunk. I began to find the morning odd as no one in my house was up to say goodbye, to wish me well. As Willard continued to load the bags into the trunk, I took notice of the environment, the beautiful colors in the sky and the a stillness in the air was breath taking. Then wind grazed my skin, I experienced the most gentle caress from the wind, it felt like an angel touched me with their wings. Willard open the car door for me I notice he is wear white gloves hmmmm, thinkig to myself. Greece! here I come.

I arrive in Greec in th early moring hours, stangly enough there is my driver again in Greece. WHAT! I think to myself puzzeled. I ask as he apporaches me "Willard is that you"? "Madam, yes it is". "I am assigned to be your driver, and to look out for you". "Jimmy sent me". I smiled and we are off to the hotel Casa del-LaRu of Amenti. We pulled up, I gazed out the window and saw a beautiful castle I believed only exsited in dreams. I have share, this was not the hotel I booked nor the orginal driver hired. Yet, something inside my heart said go with, go with the flow. Don't question. Trusting my heart, giving not another thought.

Checking into the hotel, I am taken to a glorious suite over looking a mountain, I could feel myself called to want to stand on the mountain top. I call the front desk, guess who answers the phone Willard yep, Willard! What are you doing? I ask. "Madam please what would you like,"? "How may I help you"? "Would you like to go to the mountain your room looks out at"? I reply "Why? Yes! I do". "Okay be ready by 330 in the morning pack lite, I have whatever you could need". Okay", I say to Willard. Landing onto the king size extremly plush bed, feeling as thought I was emersed in clouds. Morning came, and so did Willard, No Rolls Royce, a buggy he picks me up in, lol. Two hours later we arrive, and park. Willard says "Take this trail straigt up for 2 hours". "You know when you have arrived when you see the sun and all the tops of the mountain near and far".

Making the journey I looked back he's gone no Willard, no buggy. Just Pulled I continue not thinking anything of it. Taking in the view, while suddenly I feel the same caress on my skin again like the morning I departed for Greece, like an angel feather touching me, followed by a gentle wisper "I am hear", "I am with you". Getting the chills looking to my left witnessing a beautiful angel saying "Come to me dear child of mind". The wings of the angle large and bountiful, as the wings moved back and forth glorious colors eminated from them. As I slowly moved closer, I began to notice a face, it was Willard's face my driver. Looking like a dear in head lights in utter awe he says "shhhhh no need to speak shall we". I am walking while he was gliding thru the air. Willard (my) the angel says "it time we are at the half way piont, from now to you see my sun, it is time for the healing and the expansion of your heart". Turning to me he placed his wing on my heart, and says "breath, close your eyes" feel, listen, and ask. "DEAR child of mind you shall ask three questions". Okay I reply as the questions rolled off my lips.

The first question I ask is who am? I really.

The second, I ask is whats my mission?

Then I asked is freedom truly possible?

From that point on the trail grew harder and harder, it was no longer a straight path, the terrain became rugged, narrow at points, steep, rocky and would you believe puddles filled with water. As I was focuse on minding my business paying attention to the terrain, I looked up and realized the Angel Willard were not present with me.

All of a sudden I hear a voice from the distance say.

"Is Freedom truly possible you ask? (The voice was strong and deep) saying "yes" as climbing over the biggest rock, The Voice replies

Yes if you Believe!, Yes if you know and this is the truh you are willing to live by., Yes if you choose to walk minding your business, not getting consumed by the gossip and banter from all around. Yes! if you focus on what is right, just and harmonious to the heart and soul. Yes! if you choose to nourish you soul, Yes! if you will lead and not follow, lead from the heart. Yes! if you stop looking for more thing to create suffering. Yes! if you stop falling into the trap if oh there is always more to heal. For this only sets your focus on what is wrong, and you must look at what is right, what is beautiful and there you will find your freedom.

The Voice "You ask now". What is your mission? The mission is to BE the best you can Be, from moment to moment, day to day to connect to the divine will that lives within. Your mission is to not judge yourself rather to love yourself for the gift and mircle you are to the world, This is how you will connect to the divine will and you shall experince wholness.

Now, this is the BIG one who are you? Really. You are me and I am you, you are the wind, the sea, your are the light in the dark you are, the extention of creation the reflection of life. You are my gift to the world. This is who you are.

Now unseen being. Says "Dear child of mine" "Who is you want to be,? is the question you can be do have anything you want. Who do you want to be, and dont tell me yet contemplate this, for as you do you will become that which you want to be. So, be Deliberate and think clearly about how you want your light to be seen in the world".

OH MY MY, all of a sudden realizing I made it, At the top! Looking, seeing the son/sun shining bright over the moutains near and far. I turn my entire body all the way around to observe the 360 degree view. I notice the entire turn I remained looking at the son/Sun..... I look down, to see a rock shining gold, I sat down on it, Oh wow! My body starts to tingle, I look down at my hands they are radianting gold, I look up there is the angel Willard and with the angel is Jimmy my father. Adorned like a king, he lifts is hand to me, and I lift my hands to him we are standing eye to eye, heart to heart. My dad says to me. Who do you want to be'? Looking at him, my eye fill with water I say "I want to be all I can be, I want to love the world, I want to bring joy where their is sadness. I want to shine like the sun/son". "I want to be Abundane and live the divine will of the son/sun". All of a sudden a magical sound rings thru the air and then I, my father and the angels are flying thru the air, before you know it I am sitting with willard in the buggy. Nor him or I speak a word before you know it we are back a Casa DeLaRu of Amenti. The enitre Castle is Gold I look at myself in the glass as I enter the castle and I am dressed in the most beautifu gown, and before me is Willard "he say are you ready", I say YES I am! We walk in. Suprise there is all my family! All the members of my house who did not see me off. Harps Play throug out. Stand directly me be for me is an angel not Willard, he stands next to me. In a deep voice like the one I heard on the mountain he says. Will you take you to have and to hold. to live your divine will, To walk in freedom be the light for all eternity. I reply YES I do! and do you now take Angel Willard to be your divine partnes to guide you and love you as you love you for eternity , YES I do you! THE Voice says "So be it declared and decreed written in the book of life you are never alone you stand in the freedom of love light and abundance being all you are desitined to be all day of eternity.

The music sound cheering occure and all of a sudden I feel my self elevated the wing of heaven be bestowed to me.... In love and grattude I am a new being of radiant light and for all the world to witness. "DEAr child of mine you are never alone." Jimmy my dad say. Silva and I sent you an angel from the day you were born on to this earth.... All those time you play you your imagnary friend you, you were playing with your Angel. Dear Child of My you are Never Alone. The son alway shine to you. All My Love

Story Wrtten By Rev, Carla Gitto.

Picture given to me by J to write a story about. Thank you J, my deepest desire is it touch the heart. Angels walk with us we gifts to the world shining like the sun. Bare in mind the story is just a story. I don't know the person, I created a story based on photo Letting the imagination run wilde, written from love.

If you would like to send a picture feel free I will write a story.

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