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Love conquers all

About a mounth ago I received a request to write a story based off a photo. As a result created the story. This opportunity occurred because I had inquired about entering a writing contest, creating a story based off of another image. Enjoy the read!

This story take place in the alpines of France. A story of romance, preservence and impact Love Conquers All

One beautiful summers night 23 years ago, walking along the mountains edge, in a riverside town with my bestie, we were in awe of the Mountain View as we peered out gazing at sky standing in a halo of mountain peaks

I will never forget the day two young girls traveled to a little quaint town in Alpines of France to a city called ANNCEY surrounded by mountains the city nestled in the valley encapsulated by water, the only way to move around the city is boat, bikes walking. There are no cars. Buildings rest in the water connected to one another by walkways and bridges that floats throughout the city. Romantically beautiful, the smell of the air captivating and recharging to the heart and soul. I could feel my heart come alive like never felt before the cells in my body glistening like the stars. Little did I know moment by moment my heart was springing wide open filling with love, and I wouldexperience the magical embrace of love and my life would change forever.

As my bestie and I were walking through the Field's, to the lake I crossed paths with a man our eyes locked onto each other as we passed by each other, I felt my breath and heart beat. My bestie said “Misha, I saw that go talk to him, that was something else”. Smiling back at her “it was a moment” I replied. Daysi replys “that was not just any moment”. Continuing on to the water surrounded mountains we enjoyed all the beauty for the rest of the day into the night never speaking of what had occurred. The next day as we walk thru town we crossed paths again locked eyes as we passed each other. Only this time we stopped and turned back to one another. It was like a magnet pulling us together, we did not leave each other’s side the rest of the time. Daysi, I and Jorge had the best time…

The second to last night we were in France he asked Daysi if he could take me out for the evening, of course she said YES. The moment Jorge touched my hands it was as if we became one. We felt the same there was no denying it. I decided to extend my trip. While Daysi went back home to the states. We were so in love pure Magic, I had no intention on ever returning to the States. Little did I know tragedy would strike requiring the return back to the States. Upon the return to the States a-message was left Jorge had been in a accident sustaining injuries that would end his life…

Standing in disbelief, despair my world seemed to be crumbling all around. Weak in the knees broken to the core, rushed to the hospital all to find out, life was living in side of me Misha. Knowing right then, Jorge was with me I felt the spark the breath of life flowing in me, through me and around me like the first day our paths crossed, I knew with certainty and love there was a bigger plan and all will be a okay. I gave birth to Angelica Rose. One heart United in love, shes my hero my angel, our bond strong like a tree and flexible like a branch dancing in the wind. The day I felt her life inside of me I understood we would journey the world hand and hand.

Together mother and daughter impacting the world as we share our story of loves strength. Paving the way for girls with out dads and mom without husbands to thrive in love, peace a joy beyond all understand empowering mothers and daughter to lead themselves. In all ways knowing

When you open your heart to the magic of love you realized nothing is ever lost nor missing or taken away, it just reformulates into something more miraculous. True love never dies. Love always is.

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