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What’s Love got to do with it?

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

What’s love got to do with it?? When a heart can be broken. This lyric come from a beautiful singer Tina Turner. I remember listening to this song back in my years. I remember thinking a heart can be broken. I don’t want that, why love? What is love if it can, hurt? should love hurt and break my heart? Well, I don’t want that… NO WAY. Wouldn’t you know it I start dating fall in love he cheats ouch that hurts my hearts broken. Whats love? Painful I thought, and not for me. Time passes I heal so I think. Only to realize I stopped allowing love flow. Meaning I loved to a point, always kinda looking for the shoes to drop.

What’s Love?

Why Love?

I grow and expand more only to realize Love is everything. Love is beautiful and the fuel to life. Love is inspiration inspired thoughts, it’s a feeling of joy and happiness. What’s LOVE a fearless leader of the heart. Love nurtures life. Love heals.

It is the breath of life, the miracle of creation. Yes, that is what love is.

A heart can’t not be broken, it is only the person holding the heart that can break his or her own heart. Nothing out side of us can break the heart. What! How can you say that? Are you crazy? Nope not at all.

Now here is why I say this. I have Free Will, you have the same. I can choose you can choose, your perception. No right or wrong, perception is in the eye of the beholder. We can acknowledge the hurt being felt and love it, after all love heals or we can get balls dam angry and then let that turn to hate and cut our nose to spite life and stop living slowly dieing a slow death.

Death is part of the cycle of life. We get to choose. How do you want to experience the road to death. Option one a slow angry death living in hate shut down close off to creation experiencing one shit thing to another. Then there is option two timelessly living in love. Open to the flow of creation, experiencing miracles and blessing one after another. A life full of fun and Love, strength and courage or a life full of boring activities, empty.

I Choose Love

Love has everything to do with it. It is life.

We merely have to allow. Now hear is the interesting thing if you want love just ask love to enter in to your life. If you want more love invite more love and love will response by coming to you. No one is ever denied love. Love is our birth right. We are born of love. Love is creation.

In the moment you invite more Love in to fill you is the same moment life changes and the heart fills with joy and inspiration.

You want more ask for more invite it! Receive it. Be it.

Love is everything. Love will always say YES. Love can’t Deny it’s self.

Love is everything everywhere.

May this inspire you to open your heart to love for remember you are infinite live. On the road to death wow do you want to experience your life’s journey? At any moment to can change it all up to you. Know this you are beautiful. And are loved love able. Yes thing happen that hurt and hurt deeply but love heals.

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