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By Mary Ellen Boatman

FlintRidge Oklahoma, Retreat Cordinator Leader ,

Founder of Love Portals,

 Channeler, Energy Healer

"I find it difficult to put into words what Carla brings to an Akashic Records Reading. It is hard to encapsulate the life-changing sessions. Carla helped me discover my multi-dimensional identity. She helped me fulfill a mission begun in Lemuria. At the same time I was told by my guides to seek her help, she was being told I would seek her help and what I would need in the session. She opened knowledge regarding a new mission I am currently involved in."

"She has been a cornerstone of my awakening.

I love recommending  Carla. You won’t be disappointed."

Services Experienced

3 Akasic Record Reading and Healings

Participated in the First ever 8 Week  Violet Flame Journey (Founding Member)

2 Lermurian Crystalline Heart Activation.


(Mary was in a Mediation were she was told I would Know how to preform a Lemurian Crystalline Heart Activation. I also happened to be in meditation when I was told I would be doing this service as part of my calling, Mary would be the first. I came out of meditation only to receive a text of her sharing she was told to contact ne and I would know what to do.

We were told at the same time!)

2/2/2022 Lemurian / Saint Germaine Mediation Channeling

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