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You Are Worth Self Care / Self Love.

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

The greatest gift you give to yourself and your environment is knowing you are worth self care. Taking actionable steps every day to care of you is the greatest gift to you, your family, friends and the world. You are worth it.

Life is challenging often times, time gets away, we put off for tomorrow what can be done today. Taking care of the self is typically gets put off first. Why self care is put on the back burner? Is because most people are givers, putting everyone else first, leaving the self for last. Did you ever notice when back burner syndrom happenes often enough burnout occurs frustration sets in, and as it get worse inflammation happens in the physical body and the result is knocked out, time out you are forced to stop, why? Because one day upon waking up extreme tiredness sets in, body aches, maybe you wake up with a cold or flu. Or worst you experience physical pain that could be the spine moving out of alignment causing pain so bad your stuck in bed, it could be anything that makes you stop in your tracks. At this point it is best to know nothing is happening to you but rather you, in that moment you are being called to stop and reconnect with the self.

Not loving your self is painful, not caring for the self fills the being up with tiredness, fustration, lack of clarity, no fuel and no go powers and an accumulation of toxic build up results causing Dis-ease Dis-comfort in the four body systems. The body stops allowing normal fuction and say hey time for the knock out, to slow you down think of it as the BIG RED SIGN that says STOP!!!! or the flashing light that says WARNING DANGER A HEAD. Well if you dont pay attention to the signs it's bam on your butt. Taking this a bit deeper your friend and family even those you work with feel the pain, because you act differently with out meaning to you cause them pain in mind and heart. I know i said the same thing twice, in a different way, I know for myself it 3-6-9 times befor I get it.

Self care is so important. All great relationships start with you, first. Not with your mother, father, sister, brother and friend as we have been trained to believe. There is nothing wrong with putting others first really second, first after you, making them second.

Self care, Self love, Self acceptence, self work is it all Interwoven. By far it is the hardest activity to take time to do and it really does not have to be hard.

Here are 7 ideas that I hope prove powerful for you, and guess what they don't cost any money. Just time and yes there is a thought time is money while there is some truth the greater truth is not loving the self with cost you much more than money it will cost you your health, your relationships with friend family and so much me especially the most valuable relationships with your self and the divine.


7 beautiful steps to self love and a better you.

  1. Hug your self a hug every morning every night even place hands on heart feeling your breath the breath of life flowing thru you and around you.

  2. Sit in nature. Some time there is not time to goto your favorite beach or park well new flash nature is all around you every moment of the day. So stop look listen feel.

  3. Get up before the sun comes up before your family wake up and start the day in gratitude prayer mediation. Read a page in a good void that is inspiring.

  4. Excerise move the body stretch. You don't need a gym you need you.

  5. Write a love letter to yourself.

  6. Choose to drink more water eat better

  7. Celebrate you, celebrate the little task that get done..

  8. Bonus change your dialogue with your self and those you speak to know your words and emotions are power they will bring life and opportunity or dissatisfaction. Free will it's all a choice.

Inconclusion you are worth loving your self after all the more love you give to you the more your able to recieve.

Here is also a link to a song my friend Sunshine introduced me to it now part of my morning ritual.

Enjoy Crystal Blessing Rev.Carla Gitto

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