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Get rid of Stinking Thinking!

As you think, as you believe ye will experience. You are the creator of your life, of your experience. What are your predominate thoughts running thru you mind? Are you even aware that you are always speaking to yourself and to the universe? There is constant communication occuring in every action, in every word you speak out loud even silently in mind to yourself you are always being heard.. Yes, it is true thoughts become things. Primary example: You and I were a thought a feeling and an emotion a desire of wanting, then at the right moment of time and space according to what is written in the Book of Life or the Akashic Records, here we are you, I and the world right here! Right now!.

I Challenge you to be mindful, take notice of your primary thoughts. Are these conversatios inspiring you, or are they putting you in a funk? Do you feel expanded, full of light and energy, in the flow or do you feel tired with no flow, no drive, no motivation.

Here is how to revese engineer your thougths and feeling.

Step One : Write it down, better yet when you realize you have had this non-loving conversation immediately say to yourself "Cancel Delete" than carry on and replace the thought with a bright thinking thought and a beautiful feeling thoughts.

Step Two: Gratitude, does wonders in-fact it most definitely should be a part of your life style. Every morning and every night give thanks for what is, what was, and what is to come.

Step Three: Move your Body bring your shoulder up and put a smile on your face. This will shift your state of being, bringing you back into a better feeling place.

Step Four: Hands on Heart "I love you".

The thoughts and conversations you are having in your mind within yourself and the conversation you are speaking, are eighter fueling you or are depleting you. FREE WILL! What are you choosing moment to moment. Are these conversatios inspiring you, or are they putting you in a funk? Do you feel expanded full of light and energy in the flow or do you Feel Tired with no flow, no drive, no motivation.

Step Five have a wonderful day! Dance! Play! Celebrate!

Keep in thouch let me know if this was help full and your outcomes. Also, if you have any addition please share.

Shine your light,

Oh, by the way stinking thinking takes up MORE time, energy. AND depletes universal life force energy. Drains robs and suck the life out of the world.

Rev. Carla Gitto


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