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Flourish Now

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Now is your time two flourish. What does flourish mean? See photo below for dictionary meaning.

Everything has a time and a season under the sun. Now is the time to walk open the door and walk it to the garden of life.

We all have the ability to flourish? To go grow, to prosper. It is in the decision, in that moment everything changes.

Now, once the decision is made to Flourish what next. There is another step there is a process., a process of which too I have Learned and wish to share with you.

The best comparison I have is when we decide to plant a flower. There are 3 main ingredients that are required.

One, we received the inspired thought to grow the flower. Next, we take action go get the seeds. Then, we create the right environment for the seed we plant it, we water, we love it and everyday we take a moment to give it our attention. We continuously nourishing the seed..

Over time it grows and prospers.

Because of FREE WILL we have the choice to expand to flourish or to __not____.

In the exact moment you or I decide to flourish, we than have to ask ourselves what are the ingredients needed, the. We need to be open to the guidance. What is the best environment to support seed of inspiration. We need to look, look deeply see that our environment will support the seed of inspiration if not than guess what time to make little changes on a natural progress while also taking action. We get to choose ever step of the way. Now here the best our feelings are the point of engagement.

This brings us into Free will!

We get to choose our thoughts and feeling. We get to choose how we will be impacted. We get to Love over Fear. Pain over peace, power over victim. All a choice in every moment!!

What will you feed the body? Food and drink wise. What will you feed the mind? Books, Tv, Social Media. What will you feed the heart? Will you speak love and peace to you or it’s opposite will you speak in love to others?. How will you nourish yourself? The choice is all yours.

I have come to learn, how important my personal environment is starting from my physical body to my home, to my emotions to my mind..

Time to Flourish is now.

The seed is Inspiration of thought. Take action, create the right environment, cultivate and Nourish. And,

you will flourish

Love Carla

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