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Liberty She Rises

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Story written by Carla GITTO

There once was a girl named Liberty from the land of Lemuria , who vowed  before the fall to find a place and anchor the light of sovereignty freedom and just for all. Little did she know, in order to fulfill her mission she would experience pain, suffering and duality. Her lessons fell upon her swiftly and furiously one by one she preserved. Surrounding her self with the light of love.

Then one frigid day of night when she could take no more feeling  cold and weary she fell asleep in an abandoned House on the waters edged, finding just one candle of which she lit, covering her self  in leaves that layeth upon the floor to keep warm, she wept her self to sleep, thinking “I can’t take no more when will it be complete.”Awakened out of a deep sleep, as she hears “Arise dear child of mine.” she looks out the window to the waters edge only to hear “Goddess Liberty, Liberty! Arise dear child of mine”. The voices so vivid she gets up only to  see kings and queens from all the nation. Music played and rainbow spheres of  love filled night sky and the room in which she stands, Floating towards her in a stream of light is a Crown. She knew right than in that very moment  the mission was complete The Goddess of Liberty has emerged, The light has won, Wearing the crown of light, sovereignty justice and freedom for all.  Adorned in golden rods each ray of gold representing the trail and tribulations shes has risen through.  Pain, suffering, and duality ends freeing the nation across the land and sea.

In Her eyes a sense of pain yet peace, strength of knowing she is the light, she is the reflection of what is possible, for all. As her eyes turned from brown to blue with golden rivers of light Stream down her face has she cries tear of love from her heart lighting  the path for all those  who choose to call upon her,  walk along side her and behind her on the journey to wholeness. No longer broken she radiates the light of all that is.  She shines! She has risen the goddess of liberty sovereignty, freedom and just for all.

Photo credit to Covet Fashion.

There is a story about how I came across this picture.

The short of it was it was for a writing contest. Of which I never submitted.

When I saw the picture I said who should I write about and Liberty the goddess said write about me so I did.

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