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For the 1st time
Rev Carla will be leading a Live In-person
8 Week Violet Flame Journey.  

8 Week Violet Flame Journey
Awaken to the Divine Light & Love
of St Germaine and the Violet Flame

The Violet Flame is
in short the greatest gift given to us by the Holy Spirit, Creator Source All that is.
What this Journey will do for you. 
This is unequlvocall a life changing journey of expontential Spiritual Growth and Personal Self Mastery. Traumas and drama will fall away with greater grace an ease. You will develop a deep divine relationship with St. Geamaine and the Ascend Masters experiencing a profound healing that transcends time and space thru out eternity.

How In-person came to be 

Aloha, Thank You! Laura, and Teri.

In support of my students, in November I attended two different classes one led by Jodi Khan “Color Therapy” and Christine Kenahan “Rune Discovery” by the end of the Rune Class I felt deeply compelled to approach Laura asking if I could lead my 8 Week Violet Flame Journey here at Long Island Healing Arts Center. With a beautiful smile Laura replied Yes, let’s speak to Teri. Two weeks later the three of us met. We experienced the most divinely beautiful meeting. I even reconnected with a childhood bestie connfirming our divine support. Surprise! And here we are!. We broke bread! Thank you for your love and trust.

This is the most beautiful high honor and pleasure to present the 8 Week Violet Flame Journey Live for the firest time at Long Island Healing Art Center Huntington, N.Y..

Requirements are simple.

Thank you, for following the call to embark on a very special journey with myself as your leader, facilator and guide. The only prerequisite is to attend with an open heart and mind allowing yourself to be fully present, being committed to being an active particapant. Full attendance is required in order to attend ceremony. During each session there will be lecture, meditation, channeling, and healing. Know that St. Germaine, and the Ascended Masters will meet you where you are at on your journey..

Join the wait list click the link below

Register for the  8 Week Violet Flame Journey
Starting Saturday Febuary 3 1pm

Click Link below to check out and reserve your seat  


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