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Thank you, for joining what I believe in my heart is the best ever Client / Friends  Referral Rewards Program, 

My deepest desire is to live out my mission impact as many lives as possible bringing forth the work of St. Germaine the Violet Flame, the Holy Spirit and Ascend Masters. Asissting, Healing, Teaching, Leading. 

  My heart also desire to create a Win Win Legacy.  

Prosper and Elevate 
Refer and Earn Reward Progarm

The Ultimate Win Win Win

There are Two Program Options One 

 Prosper Program

10% cash back on every paid in full 1:1 session, Violet Flame Journey or other Class 

Option Two

Elevate Program

Refer 3 and get 1 FREE 

Example: you refer or enroll 3 guest in to the Violet Flame Journey you Get to take The Journey FREE

Refer 3 guest to any 1:1 Service and get 1 Service Free

All you have to do is indicate which program you want to enroll into 

and you will recieve your own personal  Code to give out to your Circle of loVe, Friends Family Co-workers whom ever you are called to Refer. 

for example:

Mary Smit wants to join the Prosper Program 

I will send her a Code: Mary Smit PP, she will share with her referrals. 

Choose your Program Below

Prosper Program

10% Cash Back Every Referral

Thanks for submitting! Can wait to send 10% back

Option 1  

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