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Reiki  & Intuitve Healing 
The art of laying on of hands. 
Healing Session, Classes and Reiki & Intuitive healing Circle NOW being offered. See below to learn more  book a session Join a Class attend a Ciricle 

Rev. Carla's  Journey and her love for Reiki

In short Carla (I) Loves Reiki, as she grew to understand and practice Reiki, she began to understand it is away of life. In-fact Spirituality is a way of life any modality one studies, should become a way of life. Lived and practiced daily, all day long. Carla has been a Reiki Master Teacher Practitioner since 2006.  Her Path of Awakent Started in 1989 When she held her first Amethy, able to feel the energy and commune with the Crystal her natural Gift emeged and her love for crystals. She lives the walk and talks the talk. fully committed, to her Personal Self Mastery and Spirtual Growth.
Thank you Rev. Carla
If your here it is because your have been led.

What is Reiki?

Reiki, pronounced (Ray-Kee).
Means Universal Life Force Energy.
In Carla's(my) own words and experience, ULFE lives with in the cell of every creature molcule atom  living upon the earth. It is the fabric of life.
When you recieve and answer the call to learn and practice Reiki, you experince an attument, a process by which you make both a consiouse and subconsuion choice to become a falititator of Light, Allowing for a high concentration of Universal Life Force Energy(ULFE) to move into and through you to help empower yourself another to increase there own bodies healing potential, aswell as aquire the ability to facilitate healing in animal and enhance the growth of plants. Learning Reiki is a beautiful modality, tool and way of life. 

Benefit of Reiki Level I

Starting with the self. Level 1 begining the journey of self discovery and healing.  
Learning the history and principle of healing.
Learn how to self regulate, stress induce a greater since of calm by giving yourself Reiki daily, you will also gain a deeper understanding of the energy centers of the body,
known as the chakras. 
Ignite the power of the breath. 
Learn how to live peacefully and in harmony. 
Learn how connect to the unseen world.
Learn how to connect to light Realm. 
Lern how to accelerate healing in your body.

Benefit of Reiki Level II

Now you start with others keep in mind all while the Personal Self benefits, 
Learn how to help other in there time of need.
Learn how to hold space. 
Learn how connect to anothers higher self to help them accelerate healing and peace within.
Now your are also not only a chanel of your self you become a channel for others. 


Benefit of Reiki Level III

Join the Ancient Lineage of deicated energy healing faciliator committed to their personal healing path as well as healing others and the planet. 
Increase ability in you clair.  Awaken to more of your divine birth right gifts. 
Learn how to Attune and Teach others.


REIKI Level 1


Time: Saturday & Sunday 1pm to 7pm First Weekend

2nd 3rd and 4th weekend 1pm to 4 pm on Saturday Only Sunday is an option. 

Location. In Person 

Investment: 555.00

This is  30 day Class 

we will meet every week for four week from

the Frist class in Person Requried

after zoom is okay. 

REIKI Level 2 


Location: ZOOM



REIKI Level 3 





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