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I am honored to share I will be releasing a Book as I have been Directed by Master St. Germaine and The Ascended Master this book wook will host many different Co-Authors All who have taken the 8 Week Violet Flame Journey and have not only experienced Mircales they have transformed there life and developed the most profound relationship with St Germaine the Violet Flame and the all the Ascend Master, as well as connection to the Lemurian Council of light, the Alteanian Counsle of light and the Galactic Federation.  Most of all they were all able to begin to live their best life now. Uncover all life potential 

 Your are invited to pre-order this extrordinary book.  will witness emany different real life  situation where students have exprience a rapid shift. In Their life  encounters that will, assist you. 

Pre-sale price 22.22
plus shiping and handling 9.97

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Invisible Offer
Book Launch
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