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Welcome, I Rev. CarLa Gitto am honored to announce I will be teaching  a segment in Phychic Development Academy with founder Lynn Eastman LaBorde who is also the creator of Sohmalife.  There are a total of  9 magically gifted healers, teachers form around the world who will take you take you through the awaken of your gifts. 

Proud to Present 

Psychic Development Academy

Awaken, expand and unlock your natural abilities. Come Join myself and  9  magically gifted healers teachers leader and , intuitive channels, as we mentor you on your Psychic Development Journey.  The Program begins September  2022  and  closes June 2023 Meeting every Thursday evening from 5:00p.m. to 7:00p.m Eastern Standard Time via Zoom.  Below you will have the opportunity to meet all the collaborators, and you may click the link below to be taken directly to the PsychicDevelopment Academy website as  we  join our hearts to share our unique gift and assist you on your path.

Thank you for stopping by be sure to fill out the below form to be added to my email list where you will receive special offers, and Gifts to inspire you. 

*Side note:  None of the person below work for me, we collectively gathering together, with Psychic Development Academy to bring forth the most magically experience.  

Click "Learn More"  you will be redirected  to The Psychic Development Academy website. 

Click "Enroll"  you will be redirected to the Pricing and Check out Page of the Psychic Development Academy website. 

Click "Underlined Name you will be redirected to any of the teachers Bio on the Psychic Development Academy website.

No Payments are accepted for Psychic Development Academy through this site. All Enrollment goes through PsychicDevelopment Academy . com/enroll

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 If you would like to be on Emerald Lotus Crystal Healing  mailing list sign up here, and if you have any question about Psychic Development Academy indicate below and message will be forwarded.

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