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The Emerald Lotus

The Meaning Beyhind the Symbol (logo)

Aloha.2016, The symbol was created and designed by a dear friend Kelly Martinsen owner of Awakens Magazine, the most sort after spiritual magazine in New York. Kelly and I first met in 2012, we reconnected again years later. In our conversation, I shared my dilemma. Kelly said "don't worry I will create this for you its, not something I nor my company does but I feel in my heart to do this for you. She recalled another logo I had for a product line I was creating. Kelly remembered and requested I send my father's signature "G" I was surprised she remembered it. A visionary she said, "I will incorporate The "G" it's important it is in your logo. Within an hour she and her team created the Emerald Lotus Symbol. 

Starting at the center is a "G" which has three beautiful meanings. First is my father's design it was how he wrote the first letter of our last name. Second and most importantly it represents at the center of the Emerald Lotus Crystal Wellness Sanctuary is God Goddess Energy. "ALL that is". Third St. Germaine is also at the center. 

The Violet, Stems represent the Violet flame of St Germaine, Transmutation, Transformation, Alchemy. The Lotus Flower represents rising above from the dark into the light.

Emerald in the name Emerald Lotus represents the healing energy of the island of Kaua'i and Lemuria the land of the ancient. I was called to the Island and when I lived there myself and 11 other lightworker / Energy worker/ healers were, called to a specific spot and directed to open a vortex with an up shoot and down shoot under the guides of the spiritual hierarchy a vortex opened than connected it the planetary grid for the coming on the aquarian age / the golden age of miracles and the ascension of humanity and mother earth, the 11 of us are connected to the healing energy of Kaua'i and when I perform any energy work I am connected to the energy the Aloha of the island. Part of my calling is to bring the energy of Lemuria and Kauai to the east coast. My self and the Emerald Lotus hold sacred energy to assist one and humanity in its evolution. 


The journey is much deeper than what is summed up here, it would take hours to read.  and type. Thank you for reading. Aloha.

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