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Join your  8 Week Violet Flame Journey

Your about to embark on the Journey of a life time! 
Scroll down for referral Testimonials of love.

Lillian Budnik,
Physic Medium-Angel Card Reader

Star Rating 1 to 10

10 Stars above and beyond 

Rrferral Testimonial

I have learned that the Violet flame is a real living thing and if you use it appropriately it works. During my time in Carla’s class I used it everyday . I used it on my back and leg which had been resistant to healing for long periods of time. I can happily report my back has never flared up to a point of being incapacitated again.  When a small tinge of pain occurs from overuse I violet flame it and the pain dissipates.  I also used in on a man in a now relationship  to communicate and well I got more than I bargained for. He communicated so much and I hit the truth about him and that promoted me to end the relationship.  I used it on many people and it has made such a difference.  If  you haven’t found St. Germaine and used the violet flame yet then you need to sign up for Carla’s class. She talks, the talk and walks the talk. She’s genuine and incredibly knowledgeable. Don’t walk , run amd sign up. You won’t ever be the same again. Thank you Rev.Carla for sharing your invaluable gifts with me.

Take-away you've learned

The violet flame is an incredible tool for help and healing one’s self and others.

Dates and times dont work for you, yet your feeling called. Please, join the "Violet Flame Waitlist". Every 5 weeks a New Journey launched. Feel free to indicate suggestions of dates and times if I can accomodate I will. Also know there is a strong element of alignment, preperation, that will occur once you say yes. 
All my love Rev.CarLa G. 


Deirdre Ferguson
Energyhealer Angel Card Reader


Referral Testimonal

Prior to 2022 I had never heard about the Violet Flame, I am honored to have been called to this miraculous energy. The shift that has taken place over this eight week course is amazing. Not only have I seen a change in myself, I’ve seen people and situations around me change in ways I’d not even thought possible. I feel blessed to have met Carla and be a part of her class. Carla is kind  loving soul, whose passion for the violet flame is infectious. Her love for St. Germaine and the violet flame is undeniable, and it has helped me move forward in my own journey with the Violet flame. If you found yourself looking at Carla’s website, it’s not a coincidence, you are meant to take this journey and have your own wonderful experience with St. Germaine and the Violet Flame.

Take-away you have learned?

What I’ve learned over the past few weeks is what a powerful tool the violet flame is. It has changed so many different things in my life. I feel blessed to have been called to participate in this class.

How would you rate the service?

Rating 10      's Blown away above and beyond

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