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Newly Launched in 2023

With Rev. CarLa G.  ACM, RMT, CCP,  ARR


Intuitive Website Creator and Photographer

Create a site to attract your soul clients. 

Capture images of you as I look throught the len and view you through the Eyes of  Spirit

Spirit Led Photographer and Intuitive Website Creator. Healer

Entrepreneur Corner

The Why.

Because I Love Photography 

Because I Love being Creative

Because I want to help other Light Workers get started

and growth their sacred heart business, as I grow mine.

Because I have learned the hard way and I able to

Mentor, Educate, Coach and use my healing  abilties assist you in your new business.

I can help you get started, develope greater confidence.

The How



Since I lived Kauai, and saw the world thru the camera it as become my passion, I loved capturing moments through time and space and I love capturing the essence of your soul. Has a hair artist I learn to use a mirror to look in to ones heart and bring that out the multi layers of one identity using the largest ever moving ever changing Accessory of hair, and now i decided to use all my talent and gift to capture the essence of the Spiritual Entrepreneur 

Starter Price  

Embrace Radiance photo shoot 

175.00 per 1 hour.

On location anywhere on long Island Nassua Suffolk county

Travel included. 




Photo by Rev. Carla G. 

Web Design
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