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A Special Gift of Gratitude and Love from me to you!
This Holiday Season.

Unleash Your Best

You are cordrally invite to take a journey into your Akashic Records. Where you will learn about your personality why you have made the choices you have made in this current life time and the lesson you signed up to experience. You will have the oportunity to heal and transform past karma patterns so they no longer have an effect on you in this now life or in sfuture reincarnations.

 Most profoundly I am a full body channel.  Impactgully I channel the records and I bring you on a journey inside providing a way for you to connect, transmute, transform, heal and retrieve the knowlege you need to know that with assist you in fulfilling your lifes mission, while igniting new awareness and unlocking your best you forward.   This is an experince like no other.  And  it is a beautiful gift  to give yourself and for me to offer to you. I love you and am honored to take you of the Magical Miraculous Journey. 

If you are on clear of what the Akashic Records are I will share briely. They are sacred recordings of you, of your personal life's actions, deeds, and experinces collected and stored over life-times and the many lives lived they are the Living Library of YOUR souls journey. 

All My Love Rev. Carla Gitto.

Gift Details In honor of Black Friday Tradition I am offer a beautful gift of Akashic Record Reading and Healing. Normally reading cost $555.00 for  an  hour thrity minutes. I am proud to announce I am giving $222.00 off for one session and if you are led to purchase up to 3 session you will be rewarded with even  greater savings  ​Package Options 1.) Purchase 1 session = $333.00  ($222.00) savings. must be used with 30days of purchase.  ​ 2.) Purchase  2 session = $600.00  additional ($66.00) savings. Must be use with 6 months of purchase.    ​ 3.) Purchase 3  session = $900.00  additional $99.00 saving. Total ($321.00) savings. Must be used with 9 months of purchase.   3 session total  wihtout limited  time special gift will cost $1665.00 2 session total  wihtout limited  time special gift will cost $1110.00 1 session total  wihtout limited  time special gift will cost $555.00 ​ This offer is ONLY Available to purchase up to 12/31/2023 . 

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