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Explore the Akaskic Records 

What are the Akashic Records?

Welcome to the living library of all your life events. This is a complete history of your souls journey throughout time and space. The Akashic records are a vibrational recording of every thought, every word spoken, every deed action good and not so good.  Through your records, you will reicieve messages from your Higher-self,  Master Teachers, Guides, Gaurdian, Loved-ones and the Divine, having been and are  present with you on your souls journey through out time and Space.  You will gain insight to your TRUTH and your soul purpose. 

What are some benefits to having your records Read?

The Record hold the TRUTH of who you are holding the energy essence of YOU. Opening your heart and entering in to this truth can bring easy grace and clairity into you world. Empowering you to tap in to your full potential. There are limitless possibility to what can be healed and cleared, by going in to your Akashic Records. For example; you can heal clear issue around money wounds, learning why you have certain beliefs and patterns. You can discover why you have choosen your parents siblings, why you attract certain relationship. You can explort why you have experinced certain events in your life and heal it. 

Remeber having a reading will give you guidence and offer you support on a deep spiritual level. you are cosciously reciveing guidence for you growth and evolution, This is an opporutinity to develope higher awareness of consciouness and take you power back, heal what is not serving you and hold you back from living into you full potential 

 Can I have my records read more than once?

Yes, you can have your records read more than once. Different experience come up throught our your life that you may desire to get clearity on. Resulting in release block, healing past life or your ancestral line.

  Question Phases to Avoid


CLOSED questions: Which is a "YES" or NO will not yeild you any benefits.



TIME sensitive questions; When will I change careers? When will I get a promotion?




SHOULD; Should I end my Marriage, Should I change my Career, Sould I.......

Examples of good question Phases

Here as some Example: 

I am having this experience.... in what life time did I experience something similar 

I am in this Relationship...... What am I to learn? is thier what is the root of this expericnce how can i heal it

I what Life time did I experience Blocks Around Money ect. How may I heal this to open up to more  love abundance peace and joy 

What To know


  • I am a Full-trance Channel, I may recall bit and peices for the most part I have no recall.

  • Must be 18 years of age.

  • This is fortune telling.

  • NO NO alcohol or drugs 72 hours before the reading. Except for doctor prescridbed

  • 3 question limit.

  • Your maybr rephased by Ascended Masters teacher or loved one 

  • Packages are available with discount. 

  • Session are 1hr 30min. First few minutes consist of meet and  greet, and energy harmonizing between you and I. 

  • This is a simple a fun process, and the space I hold is loving.

  • Session are Via ZOOM 

  • The best Advice I can offer is come with an open heart and really dont sweat if you dont know what to ask. Just start and your Spirit Guides and Mine along with the Light realm will lead the way just trust and know you are and I am Divinely Guided. 

  • Can not inquire about another's records. 

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