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Amethyst Crystal Healer Healer And Coach
Amethys Crystal Healer, St. Germaine

Your journey evolves, you are here.
Aloha & Welcome,
Thank you, for this beauitful opportunity.

Congratulations! What an extradinary place to be.

You have opened the door,

to your Personal Power,

to Being the Light Bringer you are 

and so much more.

I am here to coach, mentor, support, faciliate your human and spiritual journey and calibrate you to higher vibrational frequencies of harmony, peace, light and love. 

Time to celebrate! I am honored to take the journey with you of expansion.

  You are now stepping into the magic of you. Entering into the gates of Divine Opulence. The Spiritual Growth Journey is the greatest gift you can give to youself and the world. The Enlightened heart of the awakened human is where spirituality and self-mastery lives. The creation of your heart's desires are born from a place of love and abundance.Imagine living from a place of love, sovereignty and being authentically you. What are the possiblites? What can you create powerfully from your heart center? Imagine contributing to life for the greatest good of humanity-authentically.
  Enlightenment is achievible in this life time, as well as a Full Life Transformation. Yes, it's true in this life time you can attain enlightenment. You can live in the flow of least resistance. You can live effortlessly. You can heal past karmic debit and break the spells of illusion that have been anchored in your body throught out this life time and past incarnations that are here with you now having some kind of infulence because of the life time of memory stores with in your very dna and celluar structor. You can grow in leaps and bounds, for all of life is always growing and changing. You can build, you can transform and design your life. Now your are here
  the choice is yours, you get to choose, you get to decide the path of lease resistance and effortlessness or the path of hard knocks. The designer of your life is you!
  I am here to support you, guide you, love you,empower you to unlock your life's full potential. Plan simple fact spirit as led you here,continue to follow throught dont stop now. I got you! ALL of the divine light realm has you! This is your time to Rise and Shine.
Your Next step now is to enroll in to the Group 8 Week Violet Flame Journey or Inquire about the one to one private 8 Week Violet Flame Journey.  


Carla's Logo Spiritual Awakening Energy Healing

Rev. Carla Gitto

Rev. Carla an Ordained Interfaith Minister,completed three years of study under the tutelage of Revarend Connie Barley co-founder of Sanctuary of Peace and Harmony. She Also answered the call again recieving Ordaination into Melchizedek Priesthood with Rev Dan Chesbro, at Sohmalife Sanctuary . Rev.Carla is a Reiki Master Teacher Practitioner, Intuitive and Certified Advanced Crystal Master Healer. She is a devoted energy healer and educator with the unpresidented ability to activate the Violet Flame with-in with Ascended Master St Germaine. Rev Carla answered the call as she passionatly leads and facilitates the most transformational 8 Week Violet Flame Journey. A proficient energy healer and magical full-body transchannel she adores being a liaison,oracle, healer and reader of the Akashic Records. Let's not forget Rev. Carla is  Lemurian Crystalline Heart ActivatorHealer. 


“Akashic Record Reading with Carla was Life Changing She's Amazing and gifted

Posted on FB 11/28/2020 

Today I had the most powerful, enlightening, and deeply healing Akashic Record Reading from Carla Gitto. Carla has a beautiful gift and I amso happy she shared it with me today.

Thank you, Carla Gitto


Kelly Schallcross Tallasken,
Board Certified Hypnosis, Board President of NGH Hypnosis lead Instructor, Long Island N.Y. Founder of Hearts and Harmony Hypnois


"My experience with Carla has been enlightening and profoundly healing.

Sharon "JOY" Brenseke 
Reiki Master Teacher Founder of
TRI Reiki with Sharon, NY


8 Week Violet Flame Journey 

The Violet Flame is an amazing spiritual gift. Emboding and harnessing the power to

Transmute, Transform, Transcend and Heal throughout the time space continum opens the gateway for the Master Alchemist within to emerge. 

St. Germaine Violet Flame 8 Week Course

Short summary, please keep in heart the application and use of the VF is unlimited and vast in itself. The Violet Flame is also the highest frequency of light and spiritual energy used by the great saints and sages of East and West. The Violet Light cleans up and transmutes negative vibes in home and work any environment, as well as trauma lodge anywhere in the four body system, and throughout time and space. VF works wonders healing body, mind and soul, creating a beatiful balance of both masculine and feminine energy. This great extraodinary elixir can be  used to enhance your health, balance your psychology, improve your finances, heal relationships, restore family unity and much more!  Caution: you must use it the gift daily the more you use it the stronger it grows. Incorporating the Violet Ray is a way of life. Igniting the Violet Light with-in will allow you to hold and emit my Christ light, and tap into higher states of expanded consciousness.

 Every week for 8-weeks Via Zoom, 


 Guided Meditation and Channelings 

     Last week of the Journey is a ceremony.  

Carla's Logo Spiritual Awakening Energy Healing
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