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8 week Violet Flame Journey with St. Germain
Faciliated  by Rev. CarLa Gitto


Why  take the 8 week journey?

As we go throught the 8 week you will develop a deeper relationship with St. Germaine, other Ascend masters will come thru to offer support, love and guidence. There is only one catch you must be comitted to follow through. As you do anything is how you do everything. This journey is all about you, arising holding and expanding more light with-in your four body systems. This Journey is about you expanding your claires, 

Why do we need to know about St. Germain?

As Professional light workers, Healers, Empaths, New Seekers of Truth we need to know how to invoke his violet flame to help transmute the world, for our highest good and the grater good of those around us. He provides us with tools to transmute unloving things into loving things.  He helps us transmute karma for the betterment of society.

Are there other ascended masters that we will meet in the Violet Flame course?

Other ascended masters appear in the course to provide additional support.  Other ascended masters want us to know that they are available to support us in our efforts to transmute the world.

What types of tools do we learn in the course?

We learn the tools needed for transmutation,Transformation and Alchemy. We learn how to call on and invoke the violet flame, we learn when to invoke the violet flame and specific applications for the violet flame.

What other things do we learn in the course?

What you learn may vary from each 8 week course as the ascended master’s comment to the needs of the group. Example in one course we learned about fasting and the importance of what we put in our bodies. In another the ascended masters talked about attachments.

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