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Summer Special Free or Donation

Greeting Beloved Souls,

Thank you, for your love, support and trust. At this time of the year we often get side tracked with summer fever. I would love the opportunity to support you, with getting back on track and leveling up.

I was guided and inspired to present this special gift of Akashic Reading & Healing.

Book session and get your reading Nowbetween August 21, 2023 to August 26, 2023.

Free or Donations journey into the living library the Akashic Records...

Please note I will be closing the booking and registration on August 18, 2023 if all appointment are taken it can close sooner. Please feel free to add  yourself to the waite list if you find it closed for exclusive offers. 

YES! The choice is your free or donation

(Value at 555.00) Should  you choose to give I  will be donating a portion to children with special needs. 

Free or donation

Come join  mini mini odessy workshop. 


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