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You are the Prophet

You have heard it said by many past teacher of sacred knowledge. What ever the mind can conceive will be. As a man think and do, will be.

You live what you believe. The imagines held in mind become reality.

I know I have heard this throughout my life. As time goes on and I grow more and more and heal these ideals are really sinking in and hitting home. It matters not what stage you are in life or on your spiritual journey. What matters is the willingness to be mindful, in all areas of your being. To be the embodiment of love you are created to be. To be mindful and know thoughts are thing, and once articulated will be made manifest into your experience.

The question becomes what prophetic words am I to speak and declare over my life. As it has been written words have power, the word is a live and can create or destroy. How are you using the Power of the spoken word over your life or the life of another?

Are you a creator or a destroyer?

We have free will, to “BE” and do what we wish, what we desire.

I AM ————— What is your Mighty I AM Statement. What ever follows your I AM is what your are what God is! I am =‘s God / Goddess with in me is.

What is your I Am?

What are you prophetically speaking over your life?

What do you want or desire to experienc?

Speak of this tell the universe.

All my Love

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