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The Power of Your Higherself / Higher Heart {part 1}

Have you ever felt powerless? Stuck? or like you dont know what direction to take? Alone?

I know, I certainly have. The key is not to beat yourself up or look at what you precieve others are doing and not doing. Speaking to yourself "why am I not that far along". 'Look at them they are so far ahead", "we were in the same place now look", "their life has taken off", "here still in the same place". "What is wrong with me"? These conversation in the mind and even spoke out loud, will give you more power to what you are experiencing what you dont desire to experience. The cycle will continue. No new Ideas will emerge. If you stay in this cycle, you will surely miss opportunity, your creative ideas and expression will seem like a distant dream unattainabe. This is far form the truth.

I took this picture when I was prepare for the launch of my first 8-week Violet Flame Journey. As I was reentering my vehicle spirit said look up, and I saw this I said spirit wait dont let this go I wish to capture this beauty, Taking my phone out of the care I looked up again it was still there and I took the shot. Enjoy
Miracle in the sky

The easiest way to begin, to shift and connect to your higher heart is to begin with, gratitude make a list of every day, for all you have to be thankful for and all that is to come all you desire. Knowing that every experience you experince is leading your to the ultimate connection, the connect to you and your higherself. The power of gratiude is all about moving and shifting from, low level of being to higher. Low levels of feeling to more wonderous levels of feelling. Move from stinking thinking to Miracle Thinking as you do you will start to commicate with your higher-self the "I Am" Self the "I Am" Presence the true-self of who you are. The God Goddess with in.

I challenge practice Mind-Full Feeling Gratitude, for the next fifteen days, and see how much better you feel. Take notice of the new conversation occuring in you and around you. What has just happened is your higher mind and body, is now communicating. You will also notice the lense of your eyes shifting, you will see thing differently. You will feel connect to the wisdom and light of truth.

Share your expeience over the next fifteen days{15}. This is only part one.

Also, feel free to share how I may be able to offer assistance and support you. Crystalline Blessings.

Rev. Carla G.

Intuitive Life and Spiritual Coach and Mentor,

Akashic Record Reader, Reiki Master Teacher and Practicioner

Crystal Energy worker and much more.

Violet Flame Educator and Facilitator. I host 8 Week Violet Flame Alchemy Journey.

With guided meditation, and channeling of the Ascended Masters.

This Journey is Extraordinary.

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