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Welcome to your free Violet Flame Master Class

Thank you, for coming to the Angelic Alliance event held on Friday, June 21, 2024. I am honored to invite you on an extradinary Journey. 

On July 12th at 6:30pm you are invited to attend a two hour (2) introductory master class to learn more about St Germaine and the Violet Flame.  A beautiful and powerful gift given to us by Holy Spirit, Creator, Source God, All that is. 

You will learn how to transmute and transform your daily life, freeing it of negativity, heal trauma feelings from the past. You will aquire tools you can use in your daily life to assist you and those around you in the most subtle and profound ways. Most importantly you will grow, open your heart light, and live in balance and love. Consistently minimizing the up and down cycles often lived. You will develop an even deeper relationship with youself, and those around you. In addition, you will create an unfathomable relationship with St Germaine, The Violet Flame, Mother Mary, Jesus,The Ascend Masters, Angels, and more. We shall leave the rest open to spirit, meeting you where your are at in this brief and powerfull Master Class.


I look forward to our experience together. See you soon! Click the book now button below to reserve your spot to the master class.

Also, please scroll down to for to explore more goodies.

ALL my Love in Always Rev. Carla Gitto

   If you feel the call just as you felt called to attend and would like to follow up on your reading please feel free to reach out.
Below you will see a list of Angelic Alliance Members. 
  With love, light and blessings.
Claim your

10% off Angelic Gift
By using code: Angelic Alliance, upon contact.  

***Please note: Each Member offers thier services independtly.***


Lisa Imperato-Murillo

(646) 302 3404

Lori Carragher

(631) 897 - 6544

Lillian Budnik

(631) 987 - 0711

Christine Kenahan

(631) 634 - 7681

Deirdre Ferguson

(917) 374 - 3978

The baker of delicious treats.

Newly released website 

If you enjoyed the beautiful baked goods at the lobby entrance of the event and would like to purchase more baked goods, here is Ali's information.

Cottage bakery in farmingdale, ny. Sourdough bread, cookies, rolls, bagels, english muffins. Gluten free bread and cookies available as well! 

Find  Ali's baked goods at the levittown farmers market most saturdays and at bewitched beauty bar 336 main st farmingdale!

Use Code: Angel, upon contact for your 10% off angel food gift. 


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Thank you, Rev. Carla G.

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